Sunday, May 29, 2011

macam-macam ada lor..(^_^)

da lama ticer wawa tak jenguk ke blog ni. busy sungguh2..tak tipu punya..huhu~ byk sgt hal sekolah kena pk. pastu hal2 kat luar lg. sibuk ng sek, tusyen n kelas tarian. sy g kelas tarian lebey krg dlm 3 bln. skg da habis. pastu ade level 2 plak. insyaAllah akan sambung..(^_^)

skg ni cuti sek, kalo tak mcm2 plan la dlm kepala otak ni. dgn member2 sume. alih2..bila da cuti, sume tak jd. tiba2 sume org ada hal yg tak dpt dielakkan. yela..kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yg menentukan. dia lebey tau apa yg t'baik utk kita kan. redha, redha n redha.

musim cuti ni la musim yg plg femes tuk sume kaum manusia b'kahwin. byk sungguh kenduri. tp ticer wawa??? blom sampai masanya..hehe~ insyaAllah..doa2kan.. sowie kwn2 tak dpt hadir kat kenduri korang sume. 2la ckp td..da plan nak attend tp apa bole wat..apa pon tak bole..apa pon tak bole..apa pon tak bole..hehe~ bak kata Jambu.

arini ticer wawa nak cite psl DSLR. pdhal bkn tau ape pon psl mende neh. sj m'gedik nak share gak. actually..tingin nak ada mende neh. dok survey2 n cari la. last sekali decide nak gran canon 1000d. tp nak cr yg second je. before this da hampir2 nak dpt coz ada org nak letgo kat alih2..bila contact diam camtu je. mayb dia da jual or tak jd nak jual kot. pastu dok cr2 lg sampai skg blom b'jumpa yg b'kenan. sedeykan..huk huk huk~

satu lg lak nk share psl myvi SE. lps timbang2, tambah tolak sume ticer wawa decide nak pkai myvi SE. tp ni yg baru punya lor..(^_^) lps nak booking sume, tgk2 tak dpt gak. coz stok tade. abes 1 malaysia cr tp tade rejeki gak. dorg dok promote suh amek myvi baru tu. tu plak ticer wawa tak b'kenan la. sowie produa. sape suh korg stopkan pengeluaran. tp yg tak bestnya, duit booking tu burn camtu je. pdhal salah dorg, keta yg tade stok. kalo 10 org booking n keta tade, pastu tak jd amek, dorg dpt duit free camtu je. hampeh tol..huh!!! so, ticer wawa wat keputusan tukar dealer. beralih ke Proton n book plak Persona. skg ni ngah tunggu keta la. hope..sumenya ok..(^_^) insyaAllah..Tuhan akan positive!!!!

okie dokie..nt ticer wawa update lg ek.

daa..see u later..

p/s: tak sabo tgu next week..ahaks~

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Love Story between Prince William and Kate Middleton: A True Portrayal of Romantic Fairytale

Article by Liu Qing

Having been awaited and expected for many years, Prince William is eventually walking into the palace hall of the wedding ceremony with Kate Middleton, his fiancée also his girlfriend who he has spent eight years with. The British Royal Family has announced that the wedding of Prince William will be held in Westminster Cathedral on April, 29th of 2011. Now Prince William has formally given Diana's sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring to his fiancée. It is said that the wedding will be the most ceremonious event for British Royal family in thirty years.

A statement from Clarence House said, "Prince William and Miss Middleton became engaged 
in October during a private holiday in Kenya. Prince William has informed the Queen and other close members of his family."

Now let's just start to take a review for the romantic love story between Prince William and his fiancée Catherine Middleton.

September, 2001
William and Kate met each other when they were both studying in the Department of Creative Arts of Marlborough College of University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Shortly after entering the university, William's sight was soon attracted by Kate's look because of her gray-brown skin and long loose hair in the campus.

March, 2002
William was willing to pay £200 to sit front row in order to watch Kate in black bikini walk down the runway at a student-run charity fashion show at the university.

September, 2002
Both William and Kate moved into a house that located in Fife from the original college hall of residence together. It is noted that their relation did not drew the attention from the Royal Family but later Kate gained the recognition from the Royal Family by a series of charity work she had done.

June, 2003
Kate made her first appearance in the public eyes. Although in an interview Prince William denied the fact that he had already got a girlfriend who was even relatively serious, the media still seized the moment that she went with William to watch a rugby game and talked intimately with each other.

March, 2004
When both being on holiday, the pair were photographed skiing together in a famous ski resort of Switzerland. When Prince William was asked when he wished to get married in an interview at that time, "I don't want to get married until I'm at least 28 or maybe 30."

June, 2005
Both William and Kate graduated from the University of St. Andrews, and members from both their families participated in the congratulatory luncheon with them together. Queen Elizabeth II presented at the graduation ceremony, which was reported as "the Queen came to see her future granddaughter-in-law".

December, 2006
When Kate showed up at the graduation ceremony held by the military academy where William studied at, everyone started regarding her as the "princess-in-waiting" also the "Queen Kate" in the future.

April, 2007
The pair split in a peaceful way, as Prince William determined to recognize the military life as his primary choice but not getting married too early. Meanwhile the news that William was involved in a series of sex scandals revealed during that time also cut Kate's to the heart deeply.

June, 2007
The young couple absolutely wanted to give a second chance to their mutual lovers for making up again. As a result, they flew to the Desroches Island for enjoying a romantic holiday together there.

April, 2008
Kate attended William's Royal Air Force graduation. The British people endowed such a beautiful angelical girl with a lovely nickname - "Waity Kate".

October & November, 2010
After the eight-year courtship, Kate Middleton, the girl of elegant temperament and William, the handsome prince determined to stay faithfully with each other from now on; In turn they got engaged during their private holiday in Kenya. They eventually announced their engagement to the public as a happy and perfect end for their fairytale-like love story.
Now let's move back to check out the latest news on their sweet weddings again, which might intrigue everyone a lot. As mentioned at the beginning that the wedding of William and Kate will be celebrated in Westminster Cathedral on 29th of April, 2011, which is very soon to come up. But at the moment even the long name list of honored guests who can be permitted to attend the wedding ceremony still cannot be finalized until a careful selection from a huge number of distinguished people gets done by the Queen. But no worries, for most common people there may still be a chance for them to reach out and even touch this happy couple in some other ways, since all the media giants over Britain has been concerning such a big event for long time and they are all making plans to get the wedding on screen in the form of 3D broadcast. If these plans could be put into effect eventually, then it would mean that a great luck is falling on the people all over the world to let them wear the 3D glasses to watch this royal wedding on live broadcasts throughout that day.

Finally, as the same as expected by everyone, let's just look forward to the coming of the magnificent wedding as well as the amazing appearances of such an enviable sweet couple together from now on.

About the Author 
Prince William is eventually walking into the palace hall of the wedding ceremony with Kate Middleton, his fiancée also his girlfriend who he has spent eight years with

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


lama tak menjenguk blog neh. terlampau busy. asyk dok kat sek je. mln2 g tusyen ng class tarian. blk da penat..tak sempat nak update blog. da b'swg pon....huhu~ sowie2..

skg mood sgt tension dgn jpn. suh upload markah exam scpt mungkin. tlg la phm..kan ms exam banjir. so, br je wat. bg la ms cekgu semak kertas dulu. s/u pep la yg nak kena kalo apa2.....arrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh~

tamau jd cekgu la nak ngaja bkn jd kerani la..urmmmmmm~

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dah Pilih Pakej Fotografi Kawen???


Sape nak kawen????? jgn lupe jemput ek. skg da jd trendkan, pasangan pengantin mst nak pilih pakej fotografi tuk rakamkan hari b'sejarah dorg. mcm2 jenis pakej fotografi ade n mcm2 jenis photographer ade. kena pandai pilih tuk dptkan hasil yg t'baek kan. kalo tak rugi la..bknnya murah pakej2 ni sume ribu raban jugak la kan..huhu~ ade tgk hasil keja geng photographers yg besh. sgt menarik n cantik pics yg dorg amek. yg plg besh, siap ade briefcase lg tuk simpan album2 kite tu. mmg sgt eksklusif la..=) album lak mcm2 jenis la..ade sticky album, custom crystal album, custom leather album n mcm2 lg la dorg ni offer..nak tgk tak ape yg menarik???? jiran sy yg gunakan khidmat dorg neh. so, sy pon snap la hasil yg sgt menarik neh..


album diletakkan di dlm box neh

crystal album

Cover crystalbum

pada sape yg b'minat bole la ke 

bole la tgk pelbagai pakej n hasil kerja dorg yg laen..=)

p/s: pilih la photographer yg t'baek, b'pengalaman n mahir. bia mhl, asal puas ati..(^_^)

till see u again..

D'Merah Steamboat n Seafood..


pd sume org perlih, penah g KomaLaut tak? foodcourt yg br buka kat kola perlis tu. yg dkt Brasmana bkn yg dekat Jeti tu. ni br je buka. smlm..boring2, pegi la sana. coz dgr cite ade steamboat kat situ. so, dlm kul 8pm lebey, b'tolak la ke sana dgn m big bro. smpai2 je kat situ..pnya la byk keta n manusia. smpai jem la kejap. mujur la smpt jmpa parking yg dekat. xpyh jalan jauh2. lps parking, kami gerak ke KomaLaut n pegi cr kedai yg ade steamboat. kat situ juz ade 1 kedai je yg ade steamboat. nama kedai tu D'Merah Steamboat. Owner kedai ni cikgu tau..=) kami pon teros ke kanan, kedai ujung skali. usha2 apa yg ada..xdela byk sgt..but quite interesting lor.. sorg RM12.90 n kami amek 2 set. jom tgk apa yg ada n yg sempat disnap. tp x sume makanan sy snap..hehe~ jom g tgk..;)

baru lps parking

traffic b'gerak p'lahan..hehe~ [jem]


ni la kedai tu

menu istimewa for dat day

makanan yg diambil [ketam, ayam, daging, meehun, udon mee, etc]

baru letak sup ayam

baru nak masak..=)

sos2 yg ade
air tembikai [br igt nak snap lps minum..huhu~]

udah kenyang
sos pon licin

hasilnya lps da abes msk..hehe~

p/s: kat sini bole pilih nak sup ayam or sup tom yam. dua2 sedap..=) tempat ni mmg best. angin laut b'tiup sepoi2 bahasa. ade mini playground n keta kontrol tu bdk2 maen. pastu..lps da mkn kenyang2..bole pegi wat poco2 ng aerobic kat dpn Brasamana Hotel. mmg besh!!!!

daa..see u again..(^_^)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jom Main Layang-Layang..=)


ptg td kua dgn my bro, my sis n my nephew, g cr bhn2 tuk wat pulut kuning besok. pastu ms jln2 kat kgr, nmpak byk layang2 kat langit. mst ramai org ngah maen kat stadium utama kangar tu. maklum la..dgn angin yg sepoi2 bahasa, mmg best la kalo maen lyg2. lg best maen dgn family. so, kami pon headed ke stadium utama..(^_^) mmg ramai family n org ramai yg maen. mcm2 jenis ade. sume cantik2 n menarik. my nephew, firas sgt teruja, kami pon stop la kejap. bkn dia je yg teruja, kami pon sgt teruja..hehe~ apatah lg tgk family2 yg sgt happy cuba naek kan lyg2 masing2. rs tenang je.. aktiviti riadah ni mmg baek la tuk family. bole mengeratkan silataurahim. bkn tuk family yg maen je, tp sesuai gak tuk family yg jd penonton gak. jom lyn pics yg smpat disnap..(^_^)

my nephew (Firas Ishan)

firas n my big bro

tali lyg2 yg plg beso yg ditambat di blkg keta..=)

jom blk..=)

 p/s: sape yg b'minat nak lepak2 kat cni, bole la pegi tiap2 ptg ke Stadium Utama Kangar, dlm pukul 6pm above. sure best!!!!..(^_^)

 daa..till see u again..(^_^)

Chantique D'Spa


arini nak review ttg Spa yg baru buka di C-Mart Arau. Spa ni sgt menarik coz tokenye br je berumur 20 thn. hbtkan??? muda2 lg da ade business sndiri. sgt berani n kental..=) Nama spa neh Chantique D' Spa. Pemiliknye Miss Dila. antara byk2 spa yg penah g kat Perlih neh, spa ni la yg tawarkan p'khidmatan yg t'baek n superb. harganya pon b'patutan..(^_^) sume servis Miss Dila yg uruskan. maklum la baru buka kan. pekerja pon takde lg. but, lg puas ati kalo toke yg buat sendiri kan..=) after first time try kat situ on Monday (30 Jan) sgt selesa n puas ati. pastu on Tuesday pegi lg bw my special someone, pastu the next day pegi lg bw kakak lak. ade mcm2 services n packages. stakat ni yg da try normal facial n jacuzzi with aromatherapy. my friend lak try treatment facial. sumenya rs puas ati. nt akan try yg len2 lak. tgu next month..(^_^) jom lyn pics yg smpt di snap before masuk treatment room..(^_^) konsep spa ni plak ala bali dgn alunan music yg menenangkan bila kita berada dlm spa n semasa di treatment room. rs sgt tenang n dimanjai..

 Chantique D'Spa di tingkat atas

 Treatment n service yg ditawarkan

 Tangga ke Chantique D'spa yg dihiasi cahaya lampu n bunga-bungaan

 Rak kasut utk customer

 model tula pemilik spa neh..=)

Ruang hadapan
 Treatment Room 1

 Treatment Room 2 n 3
- pedicure n medicure
- treatment room tuk yg amek package

Ruang menunggu

after selesai treatment, customer akan diberi teh halia utk kesihatan dalaman. mula2 mmg tak bole telan, tp lps kali ketiga da bole minum smpai abes.  if puas ati, bole tros jd member, juz RM10 spnjg hayat. lps tu bole dpt discount 10%..mmg b'baloi2. tuk bakal pengantin, sila la manjakan diri anda di sini. pasti puas ati..(^_^)

p/s: jacuzzi with aromatherapy b'peranan utk membuang toksik di dalam bdn. after wat jacuzzi lps 30-45 mins, kita dpt lihat kesan2 toksik b'warna itam di keliling jacuzzi. tuk hasil yg lebey b'kesan, before masuk ke jacuzzi, bole buat infrared sauna, then lps 45 mins masuk lak jacuzzi. lebey byk toksik yg akan keluar..=) Selamat mencuba..

daa..till see u again..