Friday, November 7, 2014



It has been a long time since I left his blog. Being a teacher, a mother & a wife really make my life super duper busy. Waa.. is that so??? =)This should be my personal diary, I supposed. Not sure. Maybe I'm not into writing so much.  

So, what I really want to share? It's almost about 1 year plus I have left this blog. Of course so many that are things going on in my life. But today, I want to warm up my interest (really?) or my blog writing, so that, I will share everything or anything in this blog. Ultimately, I really want to share about my unexpected journey to York, UK. My new life that I have never been dreaming before. Yes.. Allah is the best planner. Perhaps, in the next entry I will share about it from the beginning. I'm trying to help others to find out more about this journey of being postgraduate in York. Hope it will benefit others.. InsyaAllah. May Allah grant me strength to keep writing.

Sneak peek about next entry... ;)

ticer wawa

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